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In Memoriam

December 13, 1967 - June 15, 2022

Andy M. Cohen



A career criminal defense attorney, Andy was always passionate about the injustice of citizens being arrested and prosecuted for cannabis crime. He had a scholarly understanding and love of our Fourth Amendment privacy rights. He had been an activist for education and access to cannabis for many years and his transition to cannabis law was a natural fit. Andy was all heart and worked tirelessly to support our clients and their businesses.

In addition to being a brilliant lawyer, Andy was an incredible musician beloved in the Atlanta music scene. Nearly every weekend he thrilled audiences with his ability to play solos that set his guitar on fire. Andy was a devoted father to his son, and a loving and supportive soulmate to Jill, his life partner. His legacy of love and kindness and music will live on in those who were fortunate enough to know him, love him and be loved by him.