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Maine’s Legislature Votes to Pass LD83: An Act to Clarify State Policy Regarding the Use of Cannabis Paraphernalia in the Maine Medical Use of Cannabis Act

Last week, House and Senate Members of Maine’s Legislature Passed to be Enacted with 2/3rds vote LD83: An Act to Clarify State Policy Regarding the Use of Cannabis Paraphernalia in the Maine Medical Use of Cannabis Act. Sponsored By: Senator Craig HICKMAN of Kennebec Cosponsored By: President Troy JACKSON of Aroostook Speaker Rachel TALBOT ROSS […]

OCP Releases Caregiver Program Inspections Checklist

The following list, Caregiver Inspection List Released February 2023, is provided by the Office of Cannabis Policy (OCP) as a resource to the registered caregiver community regarding common inspection points that OCP compliance staff review when conducting inspections of caregiver operations. This list reflects the compliance requirements enumerated in the laws (Title 22, ch. 558-C) […]

OCP Releases Guidance on Batch Tracking via Metrc

On February 27th, Maine’s Office of Cannabis Policy released the following guidance document: Guidance for Tracking System Changes “The Office of Cannabis Policy (OCP) is working diligently to implement a comprehensive batch tracking system for adult use cannabis plants at cultivation. As noted in the corresponding letter sent today to Adult Use Cannabis Program licensees, […]

OCP Releases Letter Stating Intent to Cease Enforcement of Residency Requirements

In a letter from Interim Director of Maine’s Office of Cannabis Policy, Vernon Malloch, to all “MUCP and AUCP Stakeholders” found below, Malloch outlines the Office’s intent to cease enforcement of Maine’s residency requirements for medical cannabis dispensaries and caregivers.. “Dear MUCP and AUCP Stakeholder, The Office of Cannabis Policy (OCP) is providing notification that […]

OCP Releases Guidance Outlining Timeline for the Implementation of Mandatory Testing for Pesticides

In a guidance document (HERE), provided by Interim Director of Maine’s Office of Cannabis Policy Vernon Malloch on November 21st: “in response to questions and concerns raised by adult use licensees in response to OCP’s Second Advance Notice of Mandatory Testing for Pesticides. In light of those questions and concerns, OCP is revising and clarifying the timeline for […]

Maine’s Attorney General Signals Passive Response to Allow Lawmakers to Remedy Issue

In a letter to the Office of Cannabis Policy’s Interim Director Vern Malloch, Maine’s Attorney General Aaron Frey clarified the Attorney General’s position on the recent guidance document circulated by Maine’s OCP discussing the Department of Health and Human Services regulations of Tobacco Products and how that relates to Maine’s cannabis programs. The Attorney General has […]

Three Major Guidance Documents from OCP this September

Maine’s Office of Cannabis Policy released three major pieces of guidance to help reconcile recent legislative changes with rule-making. The guidance documents address the following: Final Form Testing in Maine’s Adult Use Cannabis Market “Pursuant to recent changes to the Cannabis Legalization Act and the rules governing the Adult Use Cannabis Program, licensees are no […]

The 1st Circuit Court of Appeals upholds striking down of the residency requirement for Maine’s Medical Cannabis Program

This ruling has been on the horizon for some time, but we finally have a decision by the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals. As reported by Law360: “A split First Circuit panel affirmed Wednesday that the Constitution’s dormant commerce clause applies to the federally illegal medical cannabis industry and that a Maine law mandating local […]