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207-387-3192 Mon-Fri : 10:00AM - 5:00PM

Maine’s OCP Announces Delivery Agreement Form

Maine’s Office of Cannabis Policy recently released the required form for ADULT-USE LICENSEES WHOSE OCP PLANS OF RECORD HAVE BEEN APPROVED FOR DELIVERY to engage in the delivery of cannabis products to a hotels or private business. Find at the link below:

Business Delivery Consent Form

“This Business Premises Delivery Consent Form must be completed by the owner, or other authorized agent, of a hotel or other private business before delivery of cannabis and cannabis products may be made to consumers at the hotel or private business by an authorized licensee of the Maine Adult Use Cannabis Program.

If the owner or authorized agent of the hotel or other private business in receipt of this Form has any questions prior to completion, they may contact the Director of Licensing at the Office of Cannabis Policy, at Licensing.OCP@maine.gov or (207) 624-7530.”

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