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September 14, 2023
Biddeford has released its application for delivery sales. Yes, it’s a $2500 license fee, but delivery is delivery (if that’s what you’re into) Check out their application form here
PL2023, ch. 396 increases the allowable potency per package of edible cannabis products from 100mg/package to 200mg/package – this goes into effect on October 25, 2023. Keep in mind – the per serving limit on edible cannabis products of 10mg/serving is NOT changing, only the PER PACKAGE limit. REMINDER: You MAY NOT change your packaging...
Many licensees will be called upon, for now during their license renewals, to update their plans of record to remove unauthorized pesticides, or to update to reflect that something that could be used as a pesticide is actually being used as a cleaning agent or for some other purpose. See additional remarks below – for...