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OCP Releases Guidance on Batch Tracking via Metrc

On February 27th, Maine’s Office of Cannabis Policy released the following guidance document:

Guidance for Tracking System Changes

“The Office of Cannabis Policy (OCP) is working diligently to implement a comprehensive batch tracking system for adult use cannabis plants at cultivation. As noted in the corresponding letter sent today to Adult Use Cannabis Program licensees, we have made significant strides recently and are in the final stages of negotiating that agreement. However, we understand there is disappointment in the industry with the pace of negotiations and implementation.

In the pursuit of a solution, OCP has identified several areas where we can streamline or reduce the regulatory burdens that cultivators face and implement some of the advantages batch tracking will provide, even before the software is fully built out.

These improvements include:

(1) Eliminating the requirement to weigh each plant individually
(2) Eliminating the requirements for the recording of plant waste prior to harvest
(3) Eliminating the individual tag requirement for multiple storage bins

These changes are effective immediately and this document serves as guidance to licensees about these changes.

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