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The Deadline is 9/8/22 for Transfers from Medical Program to Adult Use!

The Office of Cannabis Policy has announced in a Guidance Document found HERE that the limited authorization for onetime transfers of cannabis plants and seeds from the medical cannabis program to the adult use program, in accordance with 28-B MRS § 501(6) expires on September 8, 2022.

This means that no cultivation facility licensee will be permitted to accept transfers of cannabis plants and seeds from the medical program after September 8th of this year.

If you are a caregiver that is hoping to sell genetics, seedlings, and plants into the Adult Use program, you NEED to be aware of this deadline. If you are an Adult Use licensee hoping to widen your selection of genetics, you NEED to be aware of this deadline.

Until September 8, 2022, pursuant to 28-B MRS § 501(6), a cultivation facility licensee that has demonstrated to OCP’s satisfaction that it is also a registered caregiver or registered dispensary may purchase, one time, cannabis plants (mature cannabis plants, immature cannabis plants and seedlings) and seeds from a caregiver or dispensary registered by the MMCP. AUCP cultivation facility licensees with an active license that explicitly authorizes such transfers are the only licensees that may purchase cannabis plants and seeds from the MMCP.

After September 8th, the following rule will be the only way to transfer genetics:

3.6.3 Authorized Sources of Marijuana Plants and Seeds.

A cultivation facility licensee may acquire marijuana
plants and seeds by the following processes:
A. By lawful purchase from another cultivation facility licensee, including a nursery cultivation facility.
B. By gift from an individual person, who must be a resident of the State of Maine:
(1) A cultivation facility licensee may receive, by gift from an individual, only seedlings pursuant to
this rule;
(2) A cultivation facility licensee may not accept, during a 90 day period, more than one transfer of
seedlings from each individual gifting seedlings to that licensee;
(3) A cultivation facility licensee may not accept more than 6 seedlings from an individual gifting
seedlings to the licensee;
(4) Before accepting a gift of seedlings, the cultivation facility must receive approval from the
Department, in writing, to accept the gift of seedlings. A cultivation facility licensee that receives
seedlings as a gift from an individual, shall record on forms made available by the Department, the
full name, contact telephone number and the identification number of a valid state identification
belonging to the individual;
(5) The individual gifting the seedlings to the licensee may not receive remuneration of any kind in
return; and
(6) The gift of the seedlings must not be conditional or contingent upon any other terms or
requirements of the licensee.

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