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Trademark Guidance Announced by Maine’s Office of Cannabis Policy

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This guidance is provided by the Office of Cannabis Policy (OCP) to registered caregivers and registered dispensaries engaged in the Maine Medical Use of Cannabis Program (MMCP) to ensure that program registrants are not transferring, purchasing, or selling to one another or qualifying patients illicit cannabis products. The focus of this guidance are those edible cannabis products that are packaged and/or labeled in a manner that causes confusion regarding whether a product contains a trademarked product, including trademarked products that are marketed and sold to individuals under the age of 21. As a result of routine compliance activities, OCP has identified an increasing number of violations of the prohibitions of 22 MRS § 2429-A(2), as well as strong evidence that program registrants are purchasing cannabis products from the illicit cannabis market.

OCP strongly supports the many small businesses that comprise the regulated medical cannabis industry, and we are deeply concerned about the health and safety impacts of illicit cannabis products being sold to patients in the market.


View the Guidance Document and Download: Guidance regarding the prohibition on the use of packaging and labeling that violates trademarks or appeals to individuals under the age of 21

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